La Buena Vida House

The City of Irving has its first homeless shelter for teen males.

La Buena Vida House

History of La Buena Vida House

In 2011, La Buena Vida Foundation visited City House in Plano. After that visit, LBVF started the process for La Buena Vida House, involving city government, federal government, HUD housing, and community development groups. That collaboration eventually led to the location for the home, which on a street with a long history of problems, is now being perceived as a solution. The neighborhood is a true testament of urban redevelopment.

About 80 people from around the community attended the groundbreaking in January 2015 to lend support to the program. The La Buena Vida House opened in the fall of 2015.

Boys Move from House to Apartments



House History: 2009-2015



Features of La Buena Vida House

  • Eight bedrooms
  • Live-in quarters for Case Manager
  • Three kitchens
  • Three living areas
  • Open area for residents to come together for education:
    • Financial
    • Leadership
    • Ethics
    • Business
    • Work Skills


La Buena Vida House can hold between 8 — 12 male residents, ages 18-21.


  • Enrolled in High School
  • Actively attending and participating in High School
  • Passing classes with grade of C or above
  • Drug free
  • No criminal history
  • Employed
  • Bank Account

La Buena Vida House is supported through fundraising with both individual and corporate donations as well as federal grants. Our purpose is to produce young people who are ready to go out and be productive members of society.

The foundation is already working to identify a location for a similar house for females.

La Buena Vida House was featured on Open Line. To read more about this and to watch the video, please visit our blog post.

La Buena Vida House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

La Buena Vida House Volunteer Project - Landscaping Event

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